Evidence-based research is the most important scientific way of working. APSS is developing new psychotherapy techniques from religious sources. The scientific investigation of the new approaches is inevitable.

Goal: The goal is data generation, scientific evaluation and publication of the developed methods.


M.Sc. Şükran Doğruyol,
Clinical Psychologist, Den Haag-Netherlands

Dr. med. Ismail Yavaş,
Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, Dortmund-Germany


M.A. Sc. Kübra Hozan,
Clinical Psychology Student, Warsaw-Poland

Melike Göncüoglu,
Psychology Student, Warsaw-Poland.

İlkay M. Karabacak
Psychology Student, Warsaw-Poland.

M.A. Sc. Fatih Kürkçü,
Clinical Psychology Student, Warsaw-Poland.

Sevde Betül Miyanyedi,
Psychology Student, Warsaw-Poland.

Dilara Nur Şahin,
Psychology Student, Warsaw-Poland

If you would like to participate in ongoing projects or initiate your own project, please contact our coordinators.
Contact: info@apss.eu

Ongoing Project:
Gratitude is one of the strongest factors for psychological recovery. By means of scientifically evaluated questionnaires as well as the specially developed questionnaire from spritual sources, a comparative analysis should be carried out on a healthy sample of 600 persons.

 November 2018