Our Aim

APSS strives to promote and disseminate psychology and human science, as well as develop new psychological theories and to improve the applicability of human science.

Our Mission

Our main mission is to encourage the researchers and mentor the new scientists on specific areas and open new fields by practicing and progressing.



About APSS

The ‘Association for Psychological and Spiritual Sciences’ (APSS)

APSS was established in 2017 by a group of psychologists, psychiatrists, students of medicine and researchers of human sciences, coming together and discussing the very serious problems of individuals and societies for over seven years.

What does the APSS not intend to do?

As APSS, we certainly do not intend to establish an Islamic or religious psychology. However, we must emphasize here that there are working groups outside the APSS on the globe, who strive for the latter and also do important research.


Psychologische Dynamiken aus der SURE YĀSĪN

In dieser für sich neu- und einzigartigen Forschungsreihe – IARS – Interdisziplinäre Akademischen Forschungs – reihe – erleben Sie, wie aus einer religiösen Quelle mit modernen wissenschaftlichen Methoden Modelle für unseren Alltag abgeleitet werden. In dem Bestreben der APSS eine Vereinigung von Herz und Vernunft zu
vereinen lernen Sie erstmals ganz neuartige Aspekte des Konfliktmanagements, der Aufgeschlossenheit, der Selbstreflexion, des Perspektivenwechsels sowie Über – zeugungskraft kennen…


Spirituel Anatomi, Ego ve Psikoterapötik Yöntemler Calistayi

Kayit ve Sorulariniz Icin


We are Always Ready For A Challenge

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The APSS analyzes in its conceptual work religious and spiritual sources of oriental history, especially sufism, Thus for the moment predominantly Islamic sources to develop universally applicable psychological theories, concepts and therapeutic strategies.


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