Basic Principles

Basic Principles

No personal Profit – effective Altruism

Most of the work is done honorary. We do not expect personal profit from our research and publications. In the foreground should be the concepts and not the individual.


We prefer research in groups. The discussion evolves new ideas and perspectives. At optimum, these working groups are interdisciplinary.

The Idea comes First – should overlast oneself

The scientific investigation is the primary goal. If my subject should be scientifically studied by another, I should be prepared to facilitate it.

Outlasting Projects – State (Sadaka-i Cariye)“

Publications on different scientific levels should enable the survival of the developed concepts. Here again the concept and the group should be in the foreground, not the individual.

APSS all rights reserved

The APSS now has eight years of experience designing concepts and creating models. Thus, by participating in various groups one has an enormous transfer of knowledge, which is also desired. In case of disagreement with the APSS, the APSS retains all rights to publish the scientific work in all forms of media. Of course, the person may also publish his own work according to his wishes.