Our A-V-M


Our Aim

APSS strives to promote and disseminate psychology and human science, as well as develop new psychological theories and to improve the applicability of human science. To reach these goals it encourages psychological and human science research, particularly by researching historical concepts, which focuses on the psychological-psychotherapeutic concepts in the Orient – Occident line and synthesis these sources in a modern way.
In that sense the psychological treatment and scientific validation of spiritual concepts play an important role.


Our Mission

We are dedicated to psychology, theology and human science aligned with international standards, aiming to improve these sciences and determine their concepts in a comparative and complementary way. Our main mission is to encourage the researchers and mentor the new scientists on specific areas and open new fields by practicing and progressing.


Our Vision

To contribute the psychological, theological researches and studies on human science within its new theories and practices, and to enlarge their perspectives. Being a reference point particularly in the course of framing these sciences and determining their references. Establishing new standards of excellence for psychologists and social scientists.