In this working group, hadiths are being systematically analyzed in detail. New perspectives and a new, multidimensional method is being developed. Those results can be used on the one hand with religious patients, on the other hand also with non-religious patients of any cultural affiliation.

As part of psychotherapeutic intervision, the concepts developed are being clinically used and evaluated.

Participation: Participation in this group is only possible if you work clinically with patients. All participants are subject to therapeutic confidentiality.

Objective: The goal is the development of new psychotherapy techniques and clinical evaluation. The results will soon be published in a psychotherapy manual.

Meeting Frequency: monthly, every second Sunday evening,

Start: October 2017

M.Sc. Reyhane Dağlar, Clinical Psychologist, USA

Dr. med. Ismail Yavaş, Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, Germany
M.Sc. Şükran Doğruyol, Clinical Psychologist, Netherlands
M.Sc. Hayriye Akyüz, Clinical Psychologist, Netherlands
M.Sc. Ümran Bektaş, Clinical Psychologist, Switzerland
B.Sc. Burcu Atmaca, Clinical Psychologist, Turkey
M.Sc. Semra Nur Taşdemir, Clinical Psychologist, Belgium
Dr. med. univ. Metin Aysel, Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, Switzerland