General Information according Membership

Any person nominated for admission by at least two full members and with qualifications in psychology, human sciences, spiritual sciences or related subjects may be admitted to the APSS as a member. Please attach proof of the membership requirements.

Ordinary membership: A full member must prove a scientific qualification. This can be at least a Bachelors Degree at a university or an accepted college in the subject’s psychology, human sciences or spiritual sciences. In addition to this, the member should appreciate to research projects and be involved in themed and organizational tasks since at least for the last two years.

Associated Membership: Anyone who does not fulfill the requirements for a full membership can become an associate member. Associate members must be involved in APSS research, thematic and organizational tasks.

Interested Membership: Students who do not fulfil the requirements for a full membership and an associated membership can become interested members.

Further forms of Membership:
Institutional membership
Honorary membership
Conveying membership