• International Congress of Nafs Science
    • International Congress of Nafs Sciences I-
      Nafs, Istanbul / 2014
    • International Congress of Nafs Sciences II-
      The Affecting Heart, Istanbul / 2015
    • International Congress of Nafs Sciences III-
      The revival of the Soul I, Konya / 2016
    • International Congress of Nafs Sciences IV-
      The revival of the Soul II, Frankfurt / 2017
    • International Congress of Nafs Sciences V-
      Khafi, a hidden dimension of the Soul, Amsterdam/ 2018
    • International Congress of Nafs Sciences VI-
      Ahfa, the most hidden dimension (Super-Arcanum) of the Soul,Brussels /2019
  • Workshops
    • according to specific topics
    • according to different professions

Our Next Congress: “International Congress of Spiritual Anatomy I – Warsawa 2021

Congress date: 02.04.2021 -05.04.2021 

Details will be updated very soon.

City of Warsaw:

For further information please contact:

Congress Organizing Committee:
Dr. med. univ. Metin Aysel,
Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, Zurih-Switzerland

M.Sc. Şükran Doğruyol,
Psychotherapist and Family Therapist ,Netherlands

M. Sc. Semra Nur Taşdemir,
Clinical Psychologist, Anwers-Belgium

M.A. Sc. Kübra Hozan,
Clinical Psychology Student, Warsaw-Poland

Melike Göncüoglu,
Psychology Student, Warsaw-Poland.

M.A. Sc. Fatih Kürkçü,
Clinical Psychology Student, Warsaw-Poland.

Sevde Betül Miyanyedi,
Psychology Student, Warsaw-Poland.

Dilara Nur Şahin,
Psychology Student, Warsaw-Poland02.04.-05.04.2021