Dr. med. univ. Metin Aysel,
Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, Zurih-Switzerland

Metin Aysel was born in 1978 in Austria. After his study of medicine he has worked as a scientist at the University hospital of Vienna, department of child and adolescent psychiatry in the field of migrant mental health – risk and protective factors. At 2007 he migrated to Switzerland and started his specialization in child and adolescent psychiatry. Since 2015 he is working in Switzerland as a clinician as a child and adolescent psychiatrist. He has a significant contribution to the initiation of the International Congress of Nafs Science and the organization of APSS. He is working on methodology, theories and therapeutically strategies based on the literature of the oriental history. His special field of interest is Vesvese-   an intrusional cognition and emotion….

M. Sc. Semra Nur Taşdemir,
Clinical Psychologist, Anwers-Belgium

Semra Nur Tasdemir was born in Turkey. After she graduated the psychology department of the University of Commerce Istanbul in 2013, she also finished her master’s degree at the University of Fatih Sultan Mehmet Foundation Istanbul in 2016. Her master’s thesis for clinical psychology was “An Analysis: Personality structure and features of patients diagnosed with migraine”. At 2017 she has migrated to Belgium and is working as a clinical psychologist and family counselor in a private clinic. She has been contributing in the congress organizing committee since 2017. Beside her specific topic on “Feraset” (a specific state of mind/wisdom,being attentive, mindful and very perceptive).) she is also working in the modelling and extracting of psychological theories and psychotherapeutic methods  from spiritual sources especially Sufism. She is dedicated in organizing scientific programmes and establishing new concepts


M.A. Sc. Kübra Hozan,
Psychology Student, Warsaw-Poland

Kübra Hozan is a bachelar psychology senior. She was born on 1995 in Turkey. She began her bachelors at Istanbul then in 2017, she transferred to Warsaw University of Social science and Humanities. In Turkey, she volunteered in various events one of which related with orphan children. She received a certificate on making presentations.In 2016 she met Apss at Konya. After that she became a volunteer of APSS. In 2018 she and her colleagues translated ‘Modelling Historical Theories’. Recently She is member of the APSS Congress Organizing Committee.

Melike Göncüoğlu,
Psychology Student, Warsaw-Poland

Melike Göncüoglu, Psychology Student, Warsaw-Poland, was born in 1998 in Turkey. After completing her high
school education, she emigrated to Poland and attended the English preparatory school at the University of Warsaw.
In the meantime, she met APSS and then helped translating “Modelling Historical Theories” into English with her
colleagues. In 2018, started studying Psychology in the Social Sciences and Humanities University. Currently, she is
on duty at the Organizing Committee of the Congress. Actually she is in the theoretical and psychotherapy study
group for “Gratitude and Depression.” Additionally she is making research for developing and evaluating a scale for
Gratitude and Depression.


Sevde Betül Miyanyedi,
Psychology Student, Warsaw-Poland

She was born in 1998 in Turkmenistan /
Ashgabat. She began her bachelor degree at Hacettepe University in Ankara then in 2017, she transferred to
Warsaw to the University of Social Sciences and Humanities. Meanwhile, she met with APSS in Warsaw from her
colleagues and she takes a part in ‘Gratitude and Psychotherapeutical Aspects’ research group. Currently, she is
on duty at the Organizing Committee of the Congress.

M. Sc. Şükran Doğruyol,
Clinical Psychologist, Rotterdam-Netherland

She was born in 1975 in Istanbul. She
graduated from the Department of Architecture at the Yildiz Technical University in 1998. Then she took
psychology and clinical psychology graduate courses at Üsküdar University. She is also a 4th grade sociology
student at the Istanbul University. She completed her master’s thesis on the relationship between depression and
gratitude. Her psychotherapy training includes Virginia Satir Family Therapy, Gestalt, Nefs Psychology and
Montessori Education. For six years she is an indispensable colleague in the development of universal applicable
psychological concepts from spiritual sources as well as in the establishment and supervision of research groups.
Her specific field of research interest includes the mind, conscience, Latife-I Rabbaniye and the soul-psyche interaction and spiritual anatomy.
Currently she is supervising the research group on Gratitude and Depression, especially with the focus of developing and evaluating a scale for measuring depression associated factors based on spiritual sources.

Fatih Kürkçü,
Clinical Master Student, Warsaw-Poland

He was born in 1994 in Istanbul/Turkey. He is a graduate
of psychology faculty of the University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Warsaw. He wrote his undergraduate
thesis on “Structural abnormalities in the frontal lobe of children with ADHD and its effects on executive functions”.
He is currently working on “Relationship between internal dialogical activity levels and personality traits in Polish
and Turkish University Students” as a master thesis topic. Besides, he is working with his colleagues on the topic
of gratitude and its effects on mood.

Dilara Nur Şahin,
Psychology Student, Warsaw-Poland

She was born in 1999 in Istanbul. She received his high
school education at the University of Nebraska High School and graduated in 2017. She took part in many
seminars, volunteer jobs and clubs in high school life. Later she started studying at the psychology department
at the SWPS University in Poland and will complete her education in 2021. She met with APSS in 2019 and
took part in the study on “Gratitude”. She will take part in the presentation at the congress that will take place
in Warsaw in 2020. She is interested in child psychology.